Meet Milton Dorta

Milton Dorta

Milton Dorta is a songwriter producer and a film editor, he is president CEO of Udairus 2 productions, INC.

I met Eddie Rivera and Chris Ross of Record Pool Business Center Who Introduced us to the hottest D.J. in New York City, John Gungie Rivera.

March 8, 1989 Carlos Keyes and John Gungie Rivera produced “DON’T SAY YOU LOVE ME” for our Artist Demetrius, recorded at Power Play Studios 30th NYC John Gungie Rivera got Demetrius a show at the 4P’s Club.

In the Bronx, performing along side of Marc Anthony and The Latin Rascals, My partner Victor Santiago and I were know as Missing Pieces at that time Andy “Panda” Tripoli producer of The Cover Girls gave us break, he let us use studio. At Fever Records studios we sharpen our producing songwriting skills, Aldo Marin of Cutting Records signed Missing Pieces and Artist Demetrius to do a song called “HOLD ME” produced by Carlos Rogers. We created Udairus 2 Records signed Paradyce our 1st Record Was “HIP HOPPER” and “LATIN FUNK”.

I am one of the Executive producer of The Turnaround Movie One of the Producers of “ JESUS KNOWS MY NAME” Which is a song in the movie and sound track “The Turnaround Movie, won awards at that film festival for Best Film and Best Score, and was recently picked up by and by The Turnaround was also nominated two awards at the 2017 International Christian Film Festival.

I have Served 3 years in the Marine Corps worked 30 years for the Federal government and now retired pursuing my Dreams.

I’ve been happily married going on 37 years to Yolanda Dorta who is also Executive producer in The Turnaround, Two sons, two grandsons, and another one on the way a grand daughter