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Nicole Abisinio
Nicole Abisinio

Nicole Abisinio

Nicole Abisinio started her career in investment management, working in private equity and hedge funds for 6 years while simultaneously working as an actress. Her producing career was born out of the merging of both fields. She started working as a production accountant in NYC and then started to work in film funding as an EP for agencies and producers with packaged projects, bringing multi-million dollar deals to the table for films with actors including Terence Howard, Jack Black and Samuel L Jackson. This led to her interest in making her own independent features, where she finally found her niche. 

After making thrillers, action films and art-house features, Nicole was standing on the red carpet for a premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, when she suddenly realized something was missing from her photo ops. In the midst of following her worldly dreams to be a successful actress and producer, she left Jesus in the rearview mirror.

Acting along side Bill Murray and television stars such as The O.C’s Ryan Donowho, producing films starring The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus and ABC’s television sweetheart, Justin Hartley (“This is Us”), and hobnobbing the most elite nightlife with celebrities, Nicole had the world in the palm of her hands…and it meant nothing. “But what does it mean to gain the whole world if you lose your soul?”-(Mark 8:36) Nicole’s response was an overwhelming, previously unknown stirring of the Holy Spirit as the only words she could utter were, “I have to find a church.” In the arms of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, she found everything she had ever been searching for, and never looked back.

God showed Nicole how she could use the power of media for His Glory and she now works exclusively for His kingdom. Nicole currently works as producer, actress, and marketing executive for films including Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge, The Investigator, Roma Downey and Mark Burnett’s Son of God, Different Drummers, and Love Different. Nicole has spoken around the country including Kiwanis National Prayer on “Power of Prayer``, NCYC on “Faith in Film”, National Prayer Day Tampa 2016 on “Faith in Media”, and the 2016 International Christian Film Festival on “Faith Based Film Distribution”. Though she loves speaking about film, her strongest calling is speaking out on chastity and helping others to live in that freedom with Christ.  

When not working on film or speaking, Nicole runs a non-profit ministry GMM, in which God uses her to evangelize for young adults by helping young women choose life over abortion, giving away thousands of bibles at Easter/Christmas, and spiritual coaching to help singles and couples live a chaste life until marriage. Nicole went to college at age 16 and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.A, double major in Economics and Theater. 

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