The Turnaround

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Release: 2017
Time: 85 min


The Turnaround Movie is a story about a young guy name Marquise, who is raised by his Godmother after losing both of his parents. Marquise works a regular 9 to 5 but has a gift for writing. After some prodding from his best friend Kevin and Kevin’s sister Tiffany, who he is in love with, he is motivated to write a novel. Due to hard times, Marquise is torn between a life of crime with his gangster cousin D-Rock or pursuing his writing ambitions. He ends up getting pulled in two different directions by Kevin and D-Rock. Ultimately, a tragic event lands him in a precarious situation where he finds himself in a dangerous position and is forced to choose between good and evil.

Director: James Hunter And Amanda Marquis
Executive Producer: Robyn Jones
Executive Producer: William Roebuck 
Executive Producer: Lorenzo Carswell
Executive Producer: Milton Dorta
Executive Producer: Kibwe Dorsey 
Executive Producer: Jim Huss
Executive Producer: Yolanda Dorta
Executive Producer: Orlando Colon
Executive Producer: Brandon Shade

Producer: James Hunter
Producer: Marcus Barbour
Producer: Emelyn Stuart
Producer: Cynthia Webster 
Producer: Scott Webster 
Consulting Producer: Nicole Abisinio 
Co-Producer: Robert Wayne Harris
Co-Producer: Jay Gourdine 
Co-Producer: Greg Griffin 
Co-Producer: Hisham Abul Fotouh
Co-Producer: Vincent Demarco
Co-Producer: Carl Gilbert
Co-Producer: Chrissy Rosatone
Co-Producer: Charlie Ivon Maisonet 
Associate Producer: Wilfredo Rivera
Associate Producer:  Albert Alcantara


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